Dato Noleeの日本でのイポー宣伝

2017-10-28 Dato Nolee speech福岡県訪問時、Dato Noleeの演説では、イポー市は良いところが沢山あります。ハイビスカスから様々なサポート体制を用意しております。当日の通訳者はハイビスカスのグロリアでしたので、州政府からのお言葉を受け、使命を果たすように精一杯頑張ります!
During the visit to Fukuoka, Dato Nolee said in her speech, Ipoh city has a lot to offer to the foreigner and domestic tourist. For Japanese visitor, Hibiscus has many kinds of support service to cater for your expectation. As the interpreter of the day was Gloria from Hibiscus, by the word of the state government, we promised to move on to accomplish our mission.